A baker at heart, I have cookies on my site to give you a sweet experience.

As a proud, Southern-raised Jewish woman with a passion for cooking, entertaining and being of service, I am known for never doing anything "half-ass". As far back as high school, I graduated a year early with honors while working a job and two internships. It would be the challenges and triumphs I faced from high school that would lead me to understand my purpose and passion and create The Enlightened Divorcée programming based on my experience and education to help other women thrive.

 By the age of 40, I earned undergraduate degrees in Business & Health, a Master's in Healthcare Administration, and embarked on a PhD journey in Organizational Leadership Development focusing my research in authenticity development. I became a trained mediator, college educator, sat on multiple boards, built and owned several homes, started several businesses, lost over 100 pounds, and became an author and media personality all while raising 3 amazing children!

 Also, by the age of 40, I faced major challenges and setbacks such as abuse, health struggles including over 8 back and spinal surgeries following a partial paralysis, job losses, monetary losses, and multiple relationship losses which led me into a dark depression. 

Despite these major setbacks in life, I was determined to use each loss and each challenge as an opportunity to grow, learn about myself, and become better - and so I DID!

 My steadfast belief that every experience provides valuable lessons to be shared with others helped me realize my life's purpose: to guide and empower women going through a divorce or any type of relational ending to rediscover their true selves and embrace a life of authenticity and fulfillment.

Therefore, drawing from my experience and extensive background in academia, research, and business, I developed a transformative and efficient method to help women transition from feeling lost in the "WE" to confidently redefining and reinventing themselves as the most authentic, successful, and thriving version of "ME."

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence as we navigate the path to personal growth and empowerment together. Let go of self-limiting beliefs, embrace your true potential, and step into a future filled with peace, purpose and possibility.


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